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Compliment of Compliments

A lady I work with (who happens to be my mom’s age) literally asked me if I ever wear makeup. I thought she was being sarcastic. She said she couldn’t tell I wore any because it looks so natural. I think I must be doing something right because I wear it everyday!

If she only saw my multiple train cases and makeup bags…


dad’s with beards eating cupcakes

A fantastic man! My dad watched archival football with him yesterday.


Fernando Torres scoring the 3-1 which sees Chelsea go through in the Europe League.

WHY did I have book study?! I always miss the good games. :(

This is as if someone hacked my brain. The first time I heard Amos Lee’s Windows Are Rolled Down was on the radio in Maine. It instantly expressed the way I feel for that place. Then, while randomly searching YT I found this. 

We’re hoping to spend two weeks there this year! :)

Funny Story

Don’t fill up your water bottle in a hurry and carry it over to your computer WHILE you are screwing the cap on.

Dear lord, I nearly drowned my second laptop keyboard in 4 months.

A Study on Today’s Events

That awkward moment when you’re in a meeting, pause after saying your piece to take a sip of tea, and proceed to SCALD THE ENTIRE INTERIOR OF YOUR MOUTH.



Barcelona, Spain

Why, oh why didn’t I walk down to the port when I was there? Why do I insist on only exploring new places with other people? UGH, REGRET.

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That stutter

Personally, I loved this ad made the song more human. Heart Full of Love is supposed to be this wonderful ~discovery of feelings~ song mixed with Eponine’s tragic, yet innocent jealousy. This song in the play is uplifting and exciting and stirs emotions. I kinda felt blah throughout it. Cosette’s lines freaking ruined the performance of this song in the movie. 

The more I think of it the more I dislike the casting of Amanda Seyfried as Cosette. And it’s not just her singing…We’re never supposed to feel sorry for Cosette like we are for Eponine or Fantine, that’s a whole ‘nother level of tragedy. But I don’t know…her Cosette came off as clunky to me. Cosette as a character never really has emotional depth, per se, but overall she came off a bit Cupie-doll-esque.

Your boyfriend calling you out and knowing instinctively you’re attracted to an actor you’ve never seen before after watching Les Miserables together? HILARIOUS. 

I’m in hardcore nostalgia mode…

I’m going to visit my BF from high school tomorrow. She just got out of the NAVY and is studying nursing about 1 1/2 hours away from me. I have such regret for losing touch with her. I missed her throughout college, especially once she enlisted in the NAVY. Also, I’m FBing with one of my guy friends from HS about his awesome college radio show. Dude, I’m a bad friend. I’m really good at making friends, but horrible at maintaining them. I’ve discussed this with my sister and she concurs it is a learned behavior because she does the same thing. UGH. But can I tell you how happy I am to see my buddy this weekend?!